National Assembly ended with a four-day meeting

Photo Courtesy: Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Kathmandu: The winter session of the National Assembly has come to an end. The winter session of the National Assembly had started on January 1 this year.

The meeting has been held for four days in a period of 10 days. The duration of the meeting was seven hours and five minutes, said National Assembly Speaker Ganesh Prasad Timalsina. Seven different ordinances issued by the President have been submitted to the National Assembly during this period.

First Amendment Ordinance on Duties and Rights of the Constitutional Council, Ordinance on Operation and Supervision of Nepal Police and State Police, Ordinance on Social Security Ordinance, Ordinance on Regulation of Tenab and Other Hazardous Chemicals, Third Amendment to Drugs, Amendment Ordinance against Criminal Law The ordinance on criminal procedure was issued by the President in the absence of the convention.

The letter sent by President Bidhyadevi Bhandari regarding the end of the convention has been read out in the National Assembly meeting on Sunday. The letter states that the winter session of the National Assembly will end at 12 noon on Sunday.

A cabinet meeting held on Sunday had recommended to the President to end the convention. There is a constitutional provision for the president to end the convention and call on the recommendation of the government.

There is even a legal obligation to hold another meeting within six months of the end of the convention.