NAC suspends employees involved in alleged visa scam

Kathmandu: In connection with a case involving the illicit sending of Nepali workers abroad on visit visas, two employees of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) have been arrested and subsequently suspended from their positions.

Hom Nath Pokharel, an officer at NAC, and Arbinda Yadav, a senior assistant, were apprehended by the police for their alleged involvement in facilitating the issuance of documents for individuals traveling abroad for work on visit visas.

Yubraj Adhikari, the executive head of NAC, took immediate action, suspending Pokharel from his duties effective from the date of his arrest on December 11. Pokharel is currently under investigation for his role in a document-related crime.

Similarly, Yadav has been suspended with effect from the date of his arrest on December 13. According to the regulations governing the service and conditions of NAC employees, the suspension will persist until the conclusion of their legal proceedings.

The police are conducting a thorough investigation into the accusations, focusing on the alleged involvement of the suspended NAC employees in assisting agents in creating fraudulent documents. These documents are believed to have been used to send Nepali individuals to Gulf countries for employment purposes under the guise of visit visas.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the NAC remains committed to upholding ethical standards and ensuring the integrity of its operations. The suspension of the implicated employees aligns with the corporation’s dedication to transparency and accountability in addressing any misconduct within its ranks.