NAC flying Beijing to bring oxygen cylinder

Photo Courtesy: Nepal Airlines Corporation

Kathmandu: A widebody aircraft of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is going to Beijing, the capital of China on Monday to bring the oxygen cylinder.

According to the officials of NAC, the widebody plane will leave for Beijing at 11:30 tonight. The aircraft carrying oxygen cylinders will arrive in Kathmandu at 2:30 pm tomorrow.

China is providing 20,000 units of oxygen cylinders to Nepal as a grant. In the first consignment, 400 oxygen cylinders and 10 ventilators will be brought to Nepal from the widebody aircraft of Nepal Airlines.

The Covid-19 facilitation committee has stated that 40 more ventilators, 20 automated analyzers, 10 DR machines, 20 portable ultrasounds and 30 anesthesia machines will be brought through Tatopani checkpoint.

China has already provided 800,000 doses of vaccine against corona to Nepal.