Mustang secures a spot in The New York Times’ top 37 destinations to Visit in 2024

Kathmandu: The New York Times has featured Mustang, Nepal, in its prestigious list of 37 must-visit destinations around the globe for the year 2024. Positioned at number 37 among the 52 destinations highlighted by The New York Times, Mustang is praised for its captivating natural beauty and rich historical significance.

Nestled amid the towering peaks of Dhawalagiri and Nilgiri, Mustang is renowned as the district across the Himalayas. Excavations reveal that over 3,000 years ago, it served as a pivotal trade route connecting Nepal and Tibet.

The list emphasizes Mustang’s key attractions, including the Lo Manthang Historical Palace, Muktinath, Tukuche Nilgiri Mountain, Mt Dhawalagiri, Tilicho Peak, Yakkawa Peak, and Tukuche Dhampus Peak. These breathtaking locales contribute to Mustang’s allure as a prime destination for global travelers.

Beyond its scenic charm, Mustang holds religious significance with temples and shrines such as the Muktinath Temple, Damodar Kund, Kagbeni, Shivalaya Temple (Puthang), Ganesha Temple (Jomsom), Tukuche Gompa Kobang, Tukuche Gompsamp, Tukuche Makal Gompa, Tukuche Rani Gompa, and Marfa Gompa.

The district boasts a diverse cultural landscape, with predominant castes including Jomsom, Bhote, Gurung, Bista, and Thakuri to the north, and a variety of other castes, including Thakali, to the south.

In The New York Times’ comprehensive list, North America secures the top spot, while Florida is positioned at the 52nd place among the highlighted destinations. Mustang’s inclusion underscores its emergence as a must-visit destination for global travelers in 2024.