Mountain flight resumes

Photo Courtesy: Department of Survey

Kathmandu: Mountain flight, which was suspended due to the Corona epidemic, has resumed. Airlines have been offering mountain flights with a view of the mountains, including Mount Everest.

As the Corona epidemic subsides, Buddha Air has announced on Tuesday that it will fly to the mountains every Saturday. According to the company, the ticket price has been fixed at Rs 9,999 for two passengers. Aircraft ATR-72 will be used for mountain flights.

After a flight of about an hour from Kathmandu Airport, the aircraft lands at Tribhuvan International Airport. During this flight, about two dozen main peaks, including Mount Everest, can be closely observed.

As the weather approaches, the companies have started flying in the mountains. Meanwhile, so many airlines are going to operate mountain flights on Saturday and Sunday. According to company spokesperson Sudarshan Bartaula, the flight will start next Saturday. It will sell two tickets for Rs 8,848.