More than 1200 Nepali migrant workers dies in last 12 months

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Kathmandu: Last year, 1,208 Nepali workers lost their lives who went abroad for employment.

The statistics of the financial assistance given by the Foreign Employment Board to the families of workers who lost their lives abroad show that 1,208 Nepalis who took work permits for employment in the last fiscal year 2079/080 died.

Among them 45 were women and 1,163 were men.

Even though some workers died during this period, if the labor period is over, the board does not provide financial assistance and does not keep the statistics of the death of such workers.

Moreover, the statistics do not cover the number of workers who were working abroad without Nepal Government’s work permit.

The board has provided financial assistance of Rs 655.1 lakh 80 thousand as financial assistance to the families of 1,208 deceased workers.