Monsoon disaster claims 28 lives, leaves many injured and missing

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Kathmandu: The onset of the monsoon season has resulted in a tragic toll across the country, with 28 people confirmed dead, one person missing, and 25 others injured due to various monsoon-related disasters.

During a recent National Assembly session, the Minister of Labour, Employment, and Social Security, Dol Prasad Aryal, provided a detailed update on the impact of the monsoon. Responding to questions raised during discussions on the Appropriation Bill 2081, Minister Aryal disclosed that the severe weather had completely destroyed 46 houses and partially damaged 36 others. He presented this information on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane.

Minister Aryal reported that, so far this fiscal year, landslides have claimed 24 lives and injured 19 people. Additionally, floods have caused four fatalities, left one person missing, and injured two. Heavy rain resulted in injuries to four more individuals. The minister highlighted the severity of lightning incidents, with 93 recorded events causing 19 deaths and 35 injuries.

He noted that lightning has impacted 32 districts, and overall, 171 quadrupeds have perished due to various disasters. Minister Aryal assured that the Monsoon Preparedness and Response National Action Plan, 2081, has been implemented to manage these disasters effectively. The plan includes assessing potential risks and assigning organizational responsibilities to protect vulnerable areas.

Efforts for disaster preparedness have been coordinated under the District Disaster Management Committee, chaired by the Chief District Officer. According to Minister Aryal, the committee has established a ‘command post’ to safeguard communities from ongoing and future disasters.

Financial support and essential supplies have been provided to affected families. The district disaster management fund has allocated Rs 500,000 to the families of deceased individuals, with an additional Rs 300,000 from the state government. Furthermore, daily necessities such as rice, pulses, oil, sugar, and soap, along with Rs 15,000, tents, blankets, and utensils, have been distributed to those in need.

Minister Aryal emphasized the government’s commitment to disaster response and support for the affected populations as the country navigates the challenges posed by the monsoon season.