Monsoon begins in Nepal

representative photo

Kathmandu: This year’s monsoon has started entered Nepal. The monsoon has arrived two days before this year.

The monsoon that entered through Eastern Nepal on Friday has spread to Province 1, Province 2 and Bagmati Province. Meteorological division of the Department of Water and Meteorology, said that the monsoon is likely to spread across the country in the next one or two days.

The months of June, July, August and September are called monsoon period. During these four months of monsoon, the average rainfall is 1,500 ml. But this year’s monsoon is projected to receive even more rain.

This year’s monsoon is likely to have more rain in the Himalayas and less rain in the hills. Similarly, average rainfall is expected in the Terai region. The southern part of Province 1 and the eastern part of Province 2 are expected to receive below average rainfall.

Farmers get relief from the rain while cultivating paddy, the main crop of Nepal. But there is also a risk of flooding, inundation and landslides due to excessive rainfall. Therefore, meteorologists say that precaution should be taken to avoid possible damage from floods, landslides and inundation.