MoALD to implement at least one agricultural pride project in every province

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Ghanshyam Bhusal has said that at least one agricultural pride project is being planned in each province. He said that a feasibility study would be carried out in Kamala Municipality and Janak Nandani Municipality of Dhanusha in an initial phase.

He claimed that the dilemma of local farmers in land ownership, budget management and other issues would be resolved. He made this claim while visiting Dhanusha a few days back. Central, province and local governments will work through cooperatives in all wards so that the ownership of land remains with the farmers.

After a team from the Fisheries Development Division of the Ministry of Agriculture inspected the field, Minister Bhusal visited Kamala Municipality and Janak Nandani Municipality with the participation of the state government and local level. With the participation of all three levels of government, the National Pride Project of Agriculture of Province No. 2 will be located in Kamala Municipality and Janak Nandani Municipality of Dhanushan District.

In 2007, the Kamala River changed its course and cut off thousands of bigahs of land. Since then, the river has returned to its old course, but thousands of acres of land have been damaged and many farmers have been left stranded. The initial cost of the land is estimated to be more than 14,000 bigahas of land.

Under this project, everyone’s land will be used through cooperative or collective farming. Pre-feasibility study will be done regarding the use of land for fish farming, vegetable, fruit farming or other purposes.Farmers will benefit when thousands of bigahas of land upstream are used for bagger farming.

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