Ministry of Home Affairs issues urgent directive on licensed weapons

Kathmandu: Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has issued a crucial directive to its subordinate agencies regarding the documentation of licensed weapons across the country. On Tuesday, MoHA ordered all district administration offices (DAOs) to furnish detailed records of licensed firearms within a tight 24-hour timeframe.

This directive follows a significant incident on Monday, where two individuals were apprehended at the Supreme Court premises while carrying licensed weapons. Under the provisions of the Arms and Ammunition Act of 2019, possessing firearms requires prior approval from local administrations. In accordance with this legislation, MoHA has dispatched official correspondence requesting comprehensive data on licensed firearms.

The letter stipulates that DAOs must provide information on individuals holding firearm licenses, specifics regarding the types and quantities of firearms licensed, status of license renewals, instances of misuse, and any cases of confiscation due to unauthorized usage or failure to renew licenses.

The ministry has emphasized the urgency of this request, mandating that all pertinent information be submitted within 24 hours of receipt of the directive.