Madhav Kumar Nepal ready to hand over leadership to the second generation

File Photo of Madhav Kumar Nepal. Photo Courtesy: Roshan Sapkota, Rashtriya Samachar Samiti

Kathmandu: Chairman of the newly formed CPN Yekikrit Samajbadi (Unified Socialist) Party Madhav Kumar Nepal has called on the second generation leaders of the UML to join the party.

Chairman Nepal also announced that the second generation leaders of the UML, who did not support him after the split of the party, were ready to leave the party leadership. Speaking at an event organized by the Nepal Bagmati Pradesh Samiti, a professional federation close to his party, in Lalitpur on Saturday, he reiterated that he had never fought for the post.

Chairman Nepal also argued that the new party had to be reorganized as KP Oli was not ready to correct the reactionary steps. Chairman Nepal also said that his party’s goal is to work in the interest of the country and the people by paving the way for socialism. He also instructed the party leaders and cadres to work in this campaign without being greedy for posts.