Local election: Vote counting continues

Kathmandu: Vote counting of local election is ongoing across the country. So far, the results of nine municipalities, including those unopposed in the municipal elections, have been made public.

According to the results, UML has won four seats, Congress three and UCPN (Maoist) two so far.

UML has won in Manang Ngisyang rular municipality, Loghekar Damodarkund rular municipality of Mustang, Chame village municipality of Manang nad Pshe Foksundo rural municipality of Dolpa (unopposed)

Similarly, Nepali Congress has won in Nasoma Rural Municipality of Manang, Gharapjhong rural municipality of Mustang and NarpaBhumi rural municipality of Manang.

Meanwhile, Ekikrit Samajbadi has won unoppsedly in Kaike rural municipality and Chharka Sangtong rural municipality of Rolpa.