KMG chairman hospitalized for cardiac issues amidst detention

Kathmandu: Kailash Sirohiya, Chairman of Kantipur Media Group (KMG), currently detained at the District Police Office in Dhanusha, has been urgently hospitalized due to cardiac concerns.

Sirohiya, held under police custody for five days over alleged citizenship fraud issues, was rushed to the hospital after experiencing a series of health complications. His lawyer, Raman Karn, disclosed that Sirohiya’s condition deteriorated, manifesting in elevated blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, and severe headaches.

Initially admitted to the Provincial Hospital in Janakpur, he was later transferred to Kavya Hospital for specialized neurological services, as confirmed by Dr. S.K. Singh from Kavya Hospital.

Sirohiya, known to have pre-existing conditions of diabetes and hypertension, is now under the care of a team of medical experts at Kavya Hospital. In response to his worsening health, the medical team has consulted cardiologist Dr. Om Murti Anil for further guidance on his treatment.

Despite his medical emergency, the District Court, Dhanusha, has extended Sirohiya’s detention by an additional three days. His arrest, which occurred at the Kantipur office in Kathmandu on May 21, continues to be a subject of legal scrutiny amidst growing health concerns.