KMC vacates parking lot of passport department

Kathmandu: The city police team of Kathmandu Metropolitan City has cleared the ‘underground’ parking lot of the Department of Passport located at Tripureshwar.

On Friday afternoon, the ‘underground’ of the department in Tripureshwar was emptied in collaboration with the Municipal Police and the Metropolitan Traffic Police.

The department was using the basement as an office that was made for parking. Owing to this, the vehicle parking was unmanaged at the department. This has also made difficult for people visiting the department, as well as for the pedestrians.

The metropolis has instructed to remove the chairs placed in that place. The city police has removed the chairs in the underground parking lot.

For the past few days, the metropolis has been speeding up the removal of such unauthorized infrastructures.

Before this, the metropolis itself had removed the unauthorized infrastructures of Kathmandu Mall at Sundhara, RB Complex, Alphabeta at New Baneshwar.