KMC implements comprehensive ban on tobacco products starting from today

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has officially enforced a comprehensive ban on the selling, consumption, and transaction of tobacco products within its boundaries, effective today.

Ram Prasad Poudel, Chief of the City’s Health Department, announced the complete prohibition of tobacco product sales across all 32 wards of the metropolis. This ban extends to the selling, storage, and consumption of tobacco products that are packaged in plastic, encompassing items such as raw tobacco, chewing tobacco, bidi, and pan parag.

The prohibition, highlighted in a public notice issued on November 28, marks a significant step in the ongoing campaign to transform Kathmandu into a healthier city. City Police will actively seize any tobacco products found in violation of the ban, reinforcing the commitment to prioritize public health and the environment.

Poudel stated, “We are on a campaign to make Kathmandu a healthy city. We have decided to ban the storage, selling, and use of tobacco-based products harmful to people‚Äôs health and the environment, coinciding with the 29th KMC Day.”

The ban on tobacco products in public places, implemented from September 17, is part of the broader strategy to enhance public health and environmental conditions within the city. As the next phase, the City is gearing up to implement a program aimed at controlling hukka, further solidifying its commitment to comprehensive tobacco control measures.