Kathmandu valley traffic police urges citizens to limit vehicular movement on Thursday

Kathmandu: In anticipation of potential protest demonstrations slated for November 23 in various parts of the Kathmandu Valley, the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has issued a public notice urging citizens to limit their vehicular movement to essential tasks on the specified day.

The notice, released today, states, “As it seems that various groups are going to hold protest demonstrations in various parts of the Kathmandu Valley on November 23, which could create traffic inconvenience across the Valley, you are requested to come out on the roads in your vehicles only if there is urgent work.”

To stay informed about the real-time traffic situation, the traffic police advise citizens to call hotline numbers 100 or 103. Additionally, they recommend tuning in to FM 95.5 MHz (Traffic FM) for updates on road conditions and any diversions implemented by the traffic police.

Concerned about public safety and efficient traffic management, the notice emphasizes that the traffic police may redirect vehicles from any location if necessary.

In light of this, citizens are urged to cooperate with the traffic police and provide necessary assistance to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

With the possibility of disruptions in normal traffic patterns due to the planned demonstrations, citizens are encouraged to exercise caution, plan their travels accordingly, and adhere to the guidance provided by the traffic police for a safe commuting experience.