Kathmandu valley to face scheduled power cuts for infrastructure work

Kathmandu: Residents across various areas of the Kathmandu Valley are set to endure daily four-hour power outages for five consecutive days, commencing from Sunday. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has announced the disruptions to facilitate ongoing underground electric distribution line work at the Kuleshwar distribution center.

The NEA’s Kathmandu Valley West Distribution System Enhancement Project released a notice on Saturday, outlining the schedule for the power cuts. According to the notice, power supply will be suspended from 11 AM to 3 PM along different feeder lines.

The planned power cuts will unfold as follows:

  • Sunday: Areas from Soalteemod to Ravibhavan, serviced by the Kalimati feeder, will experience interruptions.
  • Monday and Thursday: The Naikap to Balambu stretch, served by the Balambu and Thankot feeder, will undergo power disruptions.
  • Tuesday: Ravibhavan to Kalanki Chowk, supplied by the Kalimati feeder, will face power outages.
  • Friday: The High Vision Colony locality will encounter power cuts under the Thankot and Matatirtha feeder.

The NEA’s notification emphasizes that in case of adverse weather conditions, the planned power interruptions may be rescheduled.

The scheduled power cuts, while inconvenient for residents, are deemed necessary to facilitate crucial infrastructure upgrades aimed at enhancing the Kathmandu Valley’s electricity distribution system. The NEA urges affected individuals to make necessary arrangements to mitigate the impact of the temporary power outages during the specified period.