Kathmandu remains at top of world’s polluted list

Kathmandu: Air pollution has started rising again in Nepal. Despite some improvements a few days ago, air pollution in various parts of the country, including Kathmandu, has started increasing again, according to the Department of Environment.

Kathmandu is still number one on the world’s polluted list. The AQI for measuring Nepal’s air pollution is still above 300. Having an AQI above 300 is considered very harmful.

AQI should be less than 35 according to the criteria set by the World Health Organization. An AQI of 51 to 100 is considered normal, but an AQI above 201 is very unhealthy. The WHO has said that reaching more than 301 would be fatal.

The Singha Durbar area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKathmandu is currently the most polluted. Similarly, the AQI of cities including Nepalgunj and Pokhara is also in a harmful condition.

Meanwhile, public health experts have urged to take special precautions as air pollution may increase again, which could lead to respiratory problems and other health problems. Public health experts are urging people not to go out of the house except for urgent work as the environment is dusty and polluted in different parts of the country including Kathmandu.

Earlier, the government had closed schools for four days after air pollution reached a high point across the country. Experts say air pollution has been caused by forest fires in various parts of the country due to extreme heat and lack of rain.