Kathmandu Metropolitan City mandates online monthly reporting for health institutions

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has issued directives to all health institutions within its jurisdiction, spanning private and community hospitals, including polyclinics, to submit their monthly reports through an online system. The initiative aims to streamline data collection and enhance the Integrated Health Management Information System (IHMIS).

Sajina Maharjan, Acting Head of KMC Health Department, revealed that usernames and passwords for IHMIS have been provided to facilitate the process. KMC is set to conduct training sessions to familiarize health institutions with the system and provide necessary credentials.

The IHMIS, with enhanced features, will aid in identifying major health issues and assessing the capacity of health services in KMC. Maharjan emphasized that the data obtained through online reports will contribute to formulating effective policies and plans to improve health services.

Approximately 3000 health institutions, including hospitals and pharmacies, operate within KMC, with around 70 hospitals offering specialized healthcare services. The IHMIS encompasses medical laboratories, enabling tracking of health examinations, disease treatments, patient demographics, laboratory tests, X-ray examinations, and OPD services.

KMC aims to use this arrangement to regulate and manage health institutions effectively, with regular monitoring in place. The move aligns with environmental regulations, as outlined in the Environmental and Natural Resources Protection Act, 2077, emphasizing hazardous waste management from health institutions and industries.