Karnali Chief Minister Shahi resigns

Kathmandu: Karnali Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi has resigned from his post Chief Minister holding a press conference after the cabinet meeting on Monday.

In his address, Chief Minister Shahi said that 36 acts, 6 ordinances, 10 rules, 36 working procedures and 10 directives have been formulated in Karnali without any legal structure. He said that he had laid the historic foundation of the state government under his leadership during the implementation of federalism.

Stating that the province government has laid the foundation of prosperity by laying the foundation of prosperity, he said that tourism master plan has been formulated, budget mobilization of Rs 2.96 billion in all 718 wards of the state, feasibility study of drinking water in Surkhet Valley, development plans He informed through a forwarded address.