Karkhana introduces country’s first science kit

Science Kit prepared by Karkhana. Photo courtesy: Karkhana

Kathmandu: Karkhana has launched the country’s first science kit for school students.

With an aim of making science subject experimental the science kit has been introduced on a virtual event organized on Friday. Materials for science experiments are included in the science kit.

The kit will include several material bundles based on the science course book’s syllabus. Each experimental package will include supplies for each of the science book’s lessons. The kit also includes a guidebook that will instruct students on how to use the materials in their science experiments.

Karkhana also provides a digital handbook for students. For experiments, they will also guide students through Google Classroom. The science kit will initially be offered only to students in grades six, seven,and eight.

As the science curriculum and teaching techniques in Nepal give theoretical knowledge only, applied and practical science teaching and learning is severely lacking. “We believe that interactive learning is more enjoyable for students. Thus, we have prepared this science kit with our eight years-long experience in the teaching sector,” said Pavitra Bahadur Gautam, co-founder of Karkhana.

Karkhana has introduced a science kit that can aid to construct a scientific lab at home in order to encourage children to study by doing and to make science subjects more attractive, Gautam added. He further informed that all the science kit materials have been locally manufactured by Karkhana. Most of the materials have been produced at their own factory using local resources.

“Our major target is to redefine the way we learn science subject,”he said, adding, “The kit will be available on Sasto Deal and UG Bajar. Aswell as interested one can purchase it through Karkhana’s officialwebsite.” Karkhana also plans to distributescience kits to school administrators in the near future.

Meanwhile, Karkhana is working with local governments and NGOs/INGOs to provide science kits to students living in distant locations.

The science kit will cost from Rs5,300 to Rs 5,500 per unit.