IPO results can now be seen from three sites only

Kathmandu: The results of the initial public offering (IPO) can now be seen from only three sites. Earlier, the issue of privacy was questioned as there was an arrangement to view the results of the IPO from various media outlets.

Addressing the grievances, CDS and Clearing Limited stated that it has changed the regulations so that the results of IPO can be seen from only three places.

Now only the results can be seen from the website of the concerned company, sales manager and my share website or mobile app. Now the media will not be able to keep full details of the IPO results. CDS and Clearing Limited has stated that it has written to the concerned agencies for this.

This rule will be implemented from the result of women’s microfinance which will be distributed tomorrow (Friday). But when there is a problem with my stock website and mobile app, there is a growing complaint that it is difficult to get fast and reliable information.