Hundreds of animals and birds are estimated to die in fire in Pathibhara area

Photo Courtesy: Ujyaalo 90 network

Kathmandu: It has been estimated that hundreds of animals and birds have died in the forest fire in Pathibhara area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTaplejung.

The forest, which is home to the world’s rarest red panda and other animals and birds, has been on fire for the past six days. The fire is still uncontrollable.

Due to the fire, Fawakhola forest of Pathibhara area and forest of Sikaicha area have also been burnt. The fire was spreading easily from one area to another due to strong winds.

Even though a fire broke out in the main shrine of Pathibhara Devi, efforts are being made to save the temple which is being worshiped by constructing a fire line. Human settlement would also be damaged if the fire enters the Mayam Patal forest on the west side of Pathibhara area.

The fire was not extinguished even though a Simrik Air helicopter from Kathmandu tried to control the fire. The fire was not extinguished even after water fell five times from a helicopter.

The fire that broke out in the Simbu community forest area in Fawakhola of Fungling Municipality-11 has reached near Pathibhara Temple since last Thursday. The cause of the fire is not yet known. A team of Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force including locals are trying to put out the fire.