Huawei launches global flagship CSR program for ICT students

Kathmandu: As a part of its Digital Talent Development Ecosystem, Huawei launched Seeds for the Future – its global flagship CSR program for undergraduate level students from all ICT-related disciplines in Nepal.

This year marks the first year that Huawei is introducing the program in Nepal. The program was first launched in 2008 in Thailand. Since then over 9,000 students from 130 countries and regions have participated in the program.

This year, 20 students from Nepal selected from a competitive application process will get to participate in the international program.

The program will offer students an 8-day interactive online experience and first-hand insights into the ICT industry in Nepal. During the online program, students will receive entry-level and advanced courses on key technologies.

The students will also get first-hand insight into the ICT industry in Nepal via a visit to the Huawei Nepal office where they will get introduced to Huawei’s rich experience in the ICT industry in Nepal; classes from industry experts; and an overnight trip to a Huawei-built base station at a scenic location to be held in December.

Upon completion of the program, students will join the alumni community where exclusive webinars, round table dialogue, celebration events, etc. will be held all year round to strengthen the sense of belonging.

The program is open to undergraduate students from any ICT discipline with excellent academic backgrounds. Students can directly apply to the program at with their latest transcript or recommendation letter from their institution and a 600-word motivation letter. The selection committee will then shortlist and choose the 20 finalists from a final interview.