Hotel Annapurna in Durbarmarg prepares for reopening after four-year closure

Kathmandu: The renowned five-star Hotel Annapurna, situated in Durbarmarg, is set to reopen after nearly four years of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The hotel, which halted its operations during the pandemic, is currently in the midst of preparations, including staff recruitment, to resume services.

The exact date for resuming operations is yet to be determined as the preparation phase is ongoing. Hotel Annapurna has adopted a new business model after facing legal challenges in transferring ownership of its land, which it had attempted to sell for a year. Closed since Chaitra 2076 BS due to financial difficulties, the hotel initially sought to sell the land to clear its debts.

However, with restrictions imposed by the Department of Land Survey on land sales exceeding certain limits, the hotel has reportedly shifted its strategy towards operating on a lease basis. Negotiations are said to be underway with both domestic and foreign investors, with a potential deal with an Indian company in consideration, although the company’s name has not been disclosed.