Home Minister Shrestha ensures govt won’t ban other social networking sites

Kathmandu: Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha has stated that those who defy the law and spread chaos would not be exempted.

Addressing media-persons at Bharatpur Airport today, Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha emphasized that those who violate the law and cause chaos will not be exempted. He shared that the government intends to take action against individuals challenging the implementation of the federal democratic republic and socialist-oriented inclusive democracy.

Shrestha underscored the importance of safeguarding citizens’ rights guaranteed by the democratic system outlined in the constitution. “We perceive the current activities as a significant challenge to the system itself,” he remarked, adding that the government must take serious measures to protect the constitution and the democratic system.

In response to a query, DPM Shrestha clarified, “We are not discussing the prohibition of social networks. We have only banned TikTok. There are no deliberations regarding the prohibition of other social networking sites. We will regulate them.”

Shrestha argued that social media should contribute to democracy, social unity, civilization, and culture, as well as people’s rights to live freely. “We will not restrict people’s freedom; we aim to regulate it,” he added.

Home Minister Shrestha emphasized that the government is adopting a liberal approach to ensure the protection of the constitution and the exercise of rights provided by democracy. “We do not support exempting anyone attempting to disturb social harmony, religious unity, harmony, tolerance, and create unrest, instability, and anarchy by defying the law,” he further stated.

News Source: Rashtriya Samachar Samiti