Himalaya Airlines to operate direct chartered flight to Phuket from Kathmandu

Kathmandu: Rupsey Holidays has revealed plans for a direct chartered flight from Kathmandu, Nepal, to the renowned tourist hotspot, Phuket, Thailand, set to take off on January 21.

This initiative, spearheaded by Himalaya Airlines, signifies a historic moment as it establishes the first-ever direct air link between the two prominent tourist hubs.

Ramesh Parajuli, the Managing Director of Rupsey Holidays, expressed excitement about the venture, emphasizing the significant milestone achieved in bridging the gap between Kathmandu and Phuket with a direct flight. Previously, the company successfully operated three direct chartered flights on the Kathmandu-Vietnam route.

Parajuli elaborated on the broader vision, revealing plans to facilitate Nepali tourists traveling directly to Phuket while also attracting visitors from various countries to Kathmandu from Phuket. This move aims to enhance tourism connectivity and foster cultural exchanges between Nepal and Thailand.

Phuket, as a prominent tourist center in Asia, annually draws hundreds of thousands of visitors. The introduction of this direct flight is anticipated to further boost tourism by providing a convenient and efficient travel option between the two destinations.

For those eager to experience this groundbreaking journey, Rupsey Holidays has set the one-way fare at Rs 35,000 per person. The flight is expected to cover the distance in approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes, offering travelers a swift and comfortable connection between Kathmandu and Phuket.

As anticipation builds for the inaugural flight on January 21, all eyes are on this new chapter in travel history, as Nepal and Thailand become directly linked through the skies, opening up exciting possibilities for tourism and cultural exchange.