Hetauda Cement Industry resumes production after temporary closure

Kathmandu: After a hiatus of three months, the Hetauda Cement Industry has recommenced production operations starting today. The shutdown, lasting two weeks longer than anticipated, was necessitated by maintenance work on the industrial furnace and essential equipment.

Naveen Kumar Karna, deputy general manager of the industry, attributed the initial halt in production to protests from retired employees. These protests centered on outstanding lump sum payments owed for gratuities and medical expenses following their retirement. Following negotiations, production has now resumed as the retirees have suspended their strike.

Since its inception in 1976, the Hetauda Cement Industry has supported infrastructure development, beginning commercial operations in 1991 with substantial government funding. Over the years, it has supplied cement to various cities, including Kathmandu, since December 11, 1986.

Despite facing financial constraints, particularly concerning the payment of approximately Rs 170.5 million in gratuities and medical expenses owed to 29 retired employees, industry officials remain committed to operational excellence. Plans are underway to enhance production efficiency through strategic reforms, despite ongoing financial challenges.

Currently, the industry employs around 200 individuals across various roles, including administration, accounting, technical positions, mining, and manual labor.

With a current stockpile of 150,000 sacks of cement, the industry looks poised to meet ongoing demands while navigating financial hurdles with support from relevant governmental bodies.