Health supplies provided by Tibetan government to arrive Nepal via Tatopani

representative photo

Kathmandu (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): The Chinese government of Tibet has provided much-needed health care to Nepal to fight against the covid-19 infection. After the acute corona infection in Nepal, Tibet has provided liquid oxygen, cylinders, concentrators and other health items.

According to the Nepali Consulate General in Lhasa, 30 metric tons of liquid oxygen with the assistance of the Tibetan government left Lhasa for Nepal on Thursday. Consul General Nawaraj Dhakal informed that the health assistance will reach Khasa by Friday night.

Six thousand cylinders with a capacity of 40 kg can be filled with liquid oxygen assisted by Tibet. The Tibetan government has pledged to provide 200 ICU beds, five ventilators and 10 concentrators.

The Tibetan government has stated that there will be no impediment to the transportation of health goods to Nepal by land, according to the Consulate General.