Health Ministry proposes to introduce medical education in govt hospitals

Kathmandu: To tackle the shortage of health workers in Nepal, the Ministry of Health and Population has submitted a proposal to the Medical Education Commission.

Health Minister Mohan Basnet announced this initiative during a press conference at the Ministry of Health on Wednesday.

The proposal suggests introducing paramedics and nursing subjects in government hospitals with 100 to 300 beds as a measure to bridge the gap in healthcare professionals.

Minister Basnet stated that a positive response has been received from both the Medical Education Commission and the Council of Ministers regarding this proposal.

Furthermore, the proposal includes plans to offer MBBS programs alongside paramedics and nurses in hospitals with more than 300 beds.

Minister Basnet highlighted that this decision aims to rectify issues in the Medical Education Act and represents a revolutionary step in medical education.

“If implemented, this decision will eliminate the need for students to travel abroad for medical studies,” Minister Basnet asserted during the press conference.

He emphasized that billions of dollars, which are currently repatriated from Nepal for medical education abroad, could be retained within the country.

The Ministry has communicated with government hospitals eligible to implement this proposal, requesting information about their infrastructure and manpower capabilities. However, specific details regarding the subjects to be taught and the locations are yet to be determined.

Minister Basnet assured that data on where and how many subjects can be taught will be compiled soon. Additionally, he hinted at potential amendments to the Medical Education Act if obstacles arise in implementing these measures, indicating discussions with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education, and the Vice-Chairman of the Medical Education Commission.