Health Ministry directs medical personnel to refrain from private works during leave

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Health and Population has issued directives to doctors, healthcare workers, and employees to refrain from engaging in work at private health institutions while on leave.

Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Madhusudan Burlakoti, has issued instructions to institutions, departments, hospitals, and centers, urging medical personnel to utilize their leave for the intended purpose. He emphasized the need for compliance with existing laws when it comes to using leave for personal gain.

Burlakoti mentioned that medical personnel, including doctors, healthcare workers, and employees, could face legal action under prevailing laws if found working in private or non-governmental institutions during their leave.

The directive, issued by Secretary Burlakoti, highlights the importance of adhering to professional boundaries, personal conduct, and disciplinary standards while performing duties.
He also mentioned instances where disciplinary action has been taken against medical personnel who have been found working irresponsibly abroad, neglecting their responsibilities in Nepal.

Burlakoti emphasized that leaves approved by various agencies and service recipients could be revoked, and individuals could face penalties as per the prevailing laws of Nepal Health Service Act and Nepal Health Service Regulations.

Moreover, if it is discovered that leave is being used for purposes contrary to its intended objective, the leave may be revoked, and legal action may be taken against the individuals concerned, Burlakoti added.

The Ministry has also requested information if government doctors, healthcare workers, and employees are found to be working in private settings or leaving their office duties to work in the private sector.