Hazy weather affect air services in Humla for past two days

File Photo. Aircraft of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) ready to take off from Simikot Airport. Photo Courtesy: RSS

Simkot (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): The air service, which is the main means of transportation in Humla, has been affected for the past two days. The air service at Simkot Airport has been affected for the past two days due to heavy rains in the district.

All air services from Nepalgunj and Surkhet have been closed for two days due to the smoke that has been seen since Sunday morning.

More than two dozen flights have been canceled in two days due to Tuvalu. There is less possibility of flight on Tuesday as Tuwalo covered the entire district till Monday evening. Passengers have been inconvenienced due to non-availability of flights.

The air pollution in the district including Kathmandu has affected the air service of the district. The air service has been affected for the past two days due to lack of visibility in the district since Sunday morning.

The air service connecting the only inter-district of the district has been affected, which has caused problems in the transportation of daily necessities from construction materials. Nepal Food Management and Trade Company Limited’s food transportation has also been hampered.