Hail in various places including Kathmandu Valley, govt urges caution for a few days

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Kathmandu: It has rained with hail in the hilly areas of the country including Kathmandu Valley. According to the Water and Weather Forecast Division, hail and lightning fell due to the influence of local wind and western low pressure line.

The division has stated that it rained with thunder, lightning, wind and hail in the hilly areas of Gandaki, Lumbini and Far Western Province including Bagmati. The hailstorm has also damaged crops in some places.

The Meteorological Department has requested to be alert saying that pre-monsoon activities are active in different parts of the country and there is a risk of wind and lightning during such times.

Rainfall is considered good due to the impact on agriculture due to forest fires and prolonged drought. According to agronomists, the current monsoon activity will positively contribute to the paddy crop including vegetables and fruits.