Govt warns against settling rape case through reconciliation

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) has issued a circular to all the 753 local levels, directing them to act in line with the recent directive of the Office of Attorney General (OAG) against those accused of rape.

In response to a letter received from the OAG on October 15, the MoFAGA has urged local governments to ensure that no rape case is settled through reconciliation between the perpetrators and victims, whether voluntary or under coercion and undue influence. Prior to this, OAG had also issued a notice on October 5 directing all the authority not to settle such cases through reconciliation.

As per the OAG direction, rape case can be settled only through judicial proceeding in accordance with the existing law. The OAG has also drew its attention to the settlement of rape cases in different parts of the country through an agreement reached between the perpetrators and victims in the presence of local representatives.

“It is a responsibility of everyone, who knows that a rape has been committed, to inform the nearest police office, and to help police in arresting suspects and rescue and protect the victims. Such a case is allowed to be settled only through judicial proceedings. And if any person or group found being involved in facilitating reconciliation between the perpetrators and victims will be liable to legal action as per the law,” the OAG writes on the notice.