Govt to begin fair price shop from Sept 17 targeting festivals

Kathmandu: The government is going to operate fair price shops targeting major festivals including Dashain from September 17.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply has stated that it has been decided to operate the fair price shop until the Chhath festival (45 days) with the participation of food management and trading companies, salt trading and dairy development organizations.

In the fair price shop, rice, chickpeas, pulses, oil, flour, salt, paneer, ghee, live goat and chicken will be on sale.

The food management and trading company under the ministry, the salt trading company and the dairy development organization will work together in fair price shops.

A discount of Rs 7 per kilo and per liter will be available on rice, pulses, flour, chickpeas and cooking oil at the fair price shops operating in Kathmandu Valley.

Similarly, there will be a discount of Rs. 10 per kg on Karnali beans and pulses, and Rs. 10 per kg on live goats and mountain goat.

A discount of two rupees per kg of salt, 50 rupees per kg of ghee, 20 rupees per kg of paneer and cheese will be arranged.

The fair price shops will be available at 39 locations in 40 districts outside the valley.

According to the ministry, Salt Trading will also prepare to operate fair price shops at 38 locations across the country, jointly and separately.