Govt preparing to provide relief to the farmers affected by corona

Kathmandu: Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Padmakumari Aryal has instructed the department heads to solve the problems of the farmers by adopting all the safety measures to be adopted for controlling the epidemic in the country which is in crisis.

Minister Aryal has given such instructions while discussing with the departmental heads in the ministry after she was appointed as the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development. “We are in the grip of the covid 19 epidemic. “Even in times of epidemic, we have to focus on the problems of our farmers,” said Minister Aryal.

Minister Aryal has directed to take necessary steps immediately after discussing with the ministers and secretaries of the Ministries of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives through virtual media to solve the problems faced by the farmers across the country due to the epidemic and provide necessary assistance for marketing of agricultural produce.

She also directed to make necessary preparations to provide relief to the affected farmers after studying the possible impact of the restrictions in the agriculture and livestock sector.
by the government.

Minister Aryal said, “It is necessary to study the possible impact on the agriculture and livestock sector due to the prohibiotry orders.” After studying the effects, discuss with the stakeholders about the services will be taken that can be provided by the government and make necessary preparations to provide relief to the affected farmers. While studying, really affected farmers should not be left out.”

Stating that correspondence has already been sent to all the district administration offices through the Ministry of Home Affairs for the facilitation of agriculture and livestock market and transportation, Minister Aryal directed to make an immediate request to the government if any further facilitation is needed.