Govt preparing to issue social media guidelines

Kathmandu (Rastriya Samachar Samiti): The government has indicated that it will take action against provocative expressions on social media and publishing and broadcasting media by giving priority to such expressions.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday to announce the decision of the cabinet meeting, government spokesperson Parbat Gurung said that a guideline on social media, 2020, would be issued soon to prevent corruption in various social media such as Facebook, YouTube and online.

He cautioned the Nepali society not to engage in activities that would push the society towards anarchy, distortion and anomaly and not to make the mass media anarchic, dignified and irresponsible.

He said that in the last few days, guidelines were being brought to regulate the freedom of expression, provocation, person-centeredness, misrepresentation of the highest organs of the country and individuals and such expressions being published and broadcast by social media and some responsible media with priority.

“It is regrettable that the long-running political conflict has undermined the democratic system of governance, spreading violence and pushing the country towards confrontation and making it public,” he said.

‘Election will be held on time’

At the press conference, Minister Gurung urged not to be confused about the election being held on the scheduled date as the government has already made all the necessary arrangements for the election.

Stating that the cabinet has already passed the resolution of the Security Council meeting to hold the election on the scheduled date, he said that the Prime Minister had reached the Election Commission on Tuesday and requested the government to create a conducive environment for the election.