Govt launch ‘Nagarik App’

Kathmandu: The government has launched a Nagarik app to make public services faster and more effective. Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung unveiled the citizen app at a press conference.

At the press conference, Minister Gurung said that the app was brought as a test to make the government service simple, transparent and effective. By applying for PAN card from the citizen app, one can get PAN number and also get the details of tax paid to the government through mobile set.

Similarly, details of citizenship, passport, educational certificate and voter identity card can be obtained as well as the amount and loan details deposited in the accounts of Citizens Investment Fund, Provident Fund and Social Security Fund, the ministry said.

The government had envisioned a citizen app in its policy and program for the fiscal year 2078/19. It has been completed after three years.