Govt issues first-ever water resources policy of country

Photo Courtesy: Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Kathmandu: The government has made public the National Water Resources Policy-2020 for the first time.

Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barshaman Pun unveiled the policy at a program organized at the ministry on Thursday. Although there were separate policies for drinking water, irrigation, electricity and water source disaster management related to the use of water resources, there were no any integrated policy.

The policy made public by Minister Pun has seven objectives. The policy includes 11 strategies. The 20-page policy aims at multi-dimensional and sustainable development of water resources and economic prosperity and social transformation through multi-use of the resources.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Pun said that the water resources policy was introduced due to lack of integrated policy on water use, conservation, control and regulation. He informed that the policy aims at handing over and conserving water resources to future generations.

Minister Pun is confident that the policy will help in the government’s campaign of happy Nepali, prosperous Nepal.

Secretary of the Water and Energy Commission Sagar Kumar Rai informed that the issue of using water without disturbing the environmental, social, and cultural balance has been included in the policy. According to Secretary Rai, the policy has presented a clear roadmap on how to make the country prosperous by using water resources.