Govt confirms Indian variant corona in Nepal

Kathmandu: It has been confirmed that the corona virus of ‘Indian variant’ has spread in Nepal. Public health experts say that it is a matter of concern that the variant that destroyed India has been confirmed to have spread in Nepal.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 35 samples collected from different parts of the country were genetically sequenced in a lab in India last year.

According to the results obtained on Tuesday, 97 percent or B1.617.2 in 34 samples and three percent or B1.617.1 in one sample have been confirmed. Both these variants are also called ‘Indian variant’ as they were first found in India.

So far B1.617.1 has been found in 34 countries of the world while B1.617.2 has been found in 10 different countries. Both variants have been declared a global variant of concern by the World Health Organization. All of these are highly contagious and risky, according to studies by the Ministry of Health.