Govt asks sugarcane farmer for 21 days to recover their due payment

Photo Courtesy: The Rising Nepal

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has asked for 21 days to pay the sugarcane farmers. The ministry has requested to postpone the agitation for 21 days as it is in touch with the sugar mills and is collecting data on the payment due to the farmers.

However, the farmers, who have been protesting for 12 days in Kathmandu from different districts, have taken a stand not to stop the agitation until the money is guaranteed.

They demanded that the agitation be postponed only if they could give the ministry 15 days and if they did not receive the money within 15 days, the ministry would guarantee payment on the 16th day.

The farmers have also demanded that the ministry and the industrialists should submit the details including the amount of money due to each farmer within 15 days.

Earlier, the ministry had signed an agreement last year with the industrialists but the farmers have not received the money yet.