Govt asks children, senior citizens and patients not to go outside

Kathmandu: Due to the increasing air pollution in Kathmandu Valley, the Department of Environment has asked to take special precaution when going out of the house.
In addition, children, senior citizens, patients with respiratory and heart diseases are advised not to go out of the house as much as possible. Mukunda Prasad Niraula, director general of the department, said in a press release on Tuesday afternoon, “Pollution has been found to have increased in the valley, specially during the morning and evening time. It can have a negative effect on our health. Thus, it would be better not to go outside for some days.’

According to the statement, air pollution is very high in Nepalgunj, Biratnagar among other Tarai regions. Hence, the department has asked the citizens of the Tarai region to be especially vigilant.

The department has also suggested not to do so as burning garbage and fire will increase air pollution. “Air pollution also depends on the weather, so if the weather continues like this, the pollution is likely to remain the same for a few days or even worse, so special precautions are requested,” he said.