Government’s aim is to end poverty and establish prosperity: Prime Minister Oli

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has stated that the government’s target is to end poverty and establish prosperity in the country. Extending his wishes on the occasion of International Poverty Alleviation Day, 2020, PM Oli has said that modern agriculture, industrial development, job creation, entrepreneurship, social security and equitable distribution of opportunities would be done in the country by establishing poverty alleviation and prosperity.

While extending the wishes, he expressed his belief that there would be a meaningful impetus to fulfil the national aspiration of moving the people from poverty to prosperity. The United Nations has been celebrating October 17 every year since 1993 as International Poverty Alleviation Day.

He further said that the government is active in fulfilling the national aspiration of prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis by alleviating poverty. “We are moving forward in a planned manner to achieve these poverty alleviation goals by building accessible modern infrastructure and human capital, increasing high and sustainable production and productivity, and building a high and equitable national income,” he said.

In the message, he also said that the government is putting continuous effort on development of agriculture, tourism, hydropower, geographical diversity, herbs and to make good use of the potential of Nepalis by providing adequate employment to the manpower within the country. The message states that the government is faithfully active in fulfilling the basic needs of the economically and socially backward people, ensuring access to all kinds of resources and opportunities, living with self-respect and raising the living standards of the people while protecting human rights.

Prime Minister Oli said the government has paved the way for poverty alleviation by learning from past weaknesses. “We have set the Poverty Alleviation Policy, the 15th Plan, the Sustainable Development Goals, the SAARC and the WIMSTEC Poverty Alleviation Action Plan,” he said, adding, “We are determined to reduce it to zero within a year and make Nepal a middle-income country by 2030. “

Meanwhile, he added that the government is now taking initiative to create employment and business opportunities for the youths residing abroad for employment and education. “We are looking for ways to provide employment to the potentially unemployed and I hope that all sections of the society will have constructive participation in this resolution of the nation,” he said urging all to move forward unitedly in the campaign to fulfill the national aspiration of taking the country from poverty to prosperity by overcoming the difficult situation of COVID-19 pandemic.