Government and CIMMYT forge 10-year partnership to transform Nepal’s agricultural landscape

Kathmandu: In a significant stride towards sustainable agricultural development, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development of Nepal and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) sealed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during a special event on Wednesday.

The MoU, inked by Secretary Dr. Govinda Prasad Sharma and Director General Bram Govaerts of CIMMYT, marks the beginning of a decade-long collaboration to fortify agriculture production and market systems in Nepal.

The signing ceremony, held at the ministry and graced by Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Dr. Bedu Ram Bhusal, solidifies the commitment of both entities to advance agricultural science and contribute to the sustainable growth of Nepal’s agricultural sector.

Dr. Sharma, in his address, underscored the paramount importance of collaboration and reiterated the government’s and CIMMYT’s dedication to sustainable agricultural growth. He pledged the Ministry’s support to CIMMYT’s programs focusing on seed varieties, food value, market chains, and research. Dr. Sharma expressed gratitude to CIMMYT for their contributions to maize and wheat hybrid seed development in Nepal.

Minister Dr. Bhusal voiced optimism regarding the collaboration’s potential to significantly impact rural families and transform the lives of farmers. He acknowledged the collaborative efforts in agriculture, citing achievements in developing maize and wheat varieties and the creation of a digital soil map.

Director General Bram Govaerts highlighted the MoU’s significance, symbolizing the convergence of policy and science to influence the agri-food system positively. He expressed gratitude to the government for collaborative endeavors resulting in the development of a Digital Soil Map, 17 improved maize varieties and hybrids, and 11 enhanced wheat varieties in Nepal.

Govaerts stated, “It embodies a collaborative effort between the institutions to bolster agricultural productivity and tackle agricultural challenges through innovative research and development.”

The 10-year duration of the MoU underscores the enduring commitment of the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, and CIMMYT to achieve lasting impacts in the agricultural sector.

The partnership aims to address evolving challenges faced by Nepal’s farmers through collaborative research, knowledge exchange, and the implementation of innovative technologies, aligning with Nepal’s Agriculture Development Strategy (2015-2035). Stay tuned for updates on the transformative journey ahead for Nepal’s agriculture.