Gold surges to record high in domestic market

Kathmandu: On Thursday, the domestic gold market witnessed another remarkable surge, with the yellow metal climbing by Rs 1500 per tola, setting a new record high. Similarly, silver prices experienced a significant increase of Rs 30 per tola.

This marks the third noteworthy price hike in gold within the domestic market this week, accumulating a total gain of Rs 6000 per tola. According to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, fine gold is currently traded at Rs 123,000 per tola, reflecting a notable rise from yesterday’s rate of Rs 123,500 per tola.

Meanwhile, the silver market witnessed a substantial surge in price, rising to Rs 1,470 per tola, an increase of Rs 30 per tola from Wednesday’s rate of Rs 1,440 per tola. While the gold market has been experiencing significant gains, silver prices have been steadily increasing, marking the first substantial increment in price for silver this week.