Former speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara remanded in custody

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Kathmandu: Kathmandu District Court has granted permission to remand former Speaker and Vice Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center), Krishna Bahadur Mahara, in custody for four days. District Court Judge Durga Prasad Khanal approved the request made by the police for remanding Mahara in custody for further investigation.

Mahara’s arrest came following allegations of his involvement in a gold smuggling case. He was apprehended in Bhairahawa on Monday, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing investigation. The decision to remand Mahara underscores the seriousness of the allegations against him.

This move follows the Gold Smuggling Probe Commission’s call for legal action against Mahara based on suspicions of his involvement in the gold smuggling case. The Commission’s recommendation had put immense pressure on the government to take decisive steps in addressing the issue.

The decision by the Kathmandu District Court to grant permission for Mahara’s custody is expected to facilitate a thorough investigation into the allegations against him. This development has sparked widespread interest and speculation both within political circles and the general public.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are expected to shed more light on the specifics of Mahara’s alleged involvement in the gold smuggling case. This development has added a new dimension to the political landscape of Nepal, raising questions about accountability and transparency within the country’s leadership.