Foreign Minister emphasizes talk to resolve the border dispute

Kathmandu: Foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali has said that Nepal wants to start the process of talks as soon as possible to resolve the remaining disputes between Nepal and India.

Speaking on the occasion organized by a think tank, Minister Gyawali said, “You are all aware that we have jointly measured the 18,000 km long international border between Nepal and India. There are some works left in the border.

He further said, “Reaching an agreement in the remaining sections will not only bring us to the point where the international border is fully resolved, it will create a positive mood in the public sphere and create an atmosphere of trust in bilateral relations.” “I am confident we will reach that stage,” he said.

Minister Gyawali also claimed that both sides have agreed to resolve the border issue through talks.

“What we remember is that we should not keep any important issues forever that will always create problems in bilateral relations,” he said. Speaking on the occasion, Minister Gyawali said that the report of the Nepal-India Enlightened Group should be accepted by both the parties and implemented as soon as possible.