Food imports worth Rs 45 billion

Kathmandu: Food imports have skyrocketed since last April.

According to the Department of Customs (DoC), foodgrains worth Rs 27.44 billion were imported in the previous April-November period. However, foodgrains worth Rs 44.90 billion have been imported from April to November this year. This is Rs 17.46 billion more than the corresponding period of the previous year.

According to the department import of rice has increased by 46 percent to Rs 17.30 billion from April to November compared to the same period last year.

Sugar imports stood at Rs 6.14 billion during the period. Wheat imports increased by 114 per cent to Rs 9.14 billion, pulses and nuts by 55 per cent to Rs 14.22 billion, paddy by 133 per cent to Rs 6.92 billion and mustard / mustard by 70 per cent to Rs 7.85 billion.

Imports of soybean pine increased by 73 per cent to 7.15 billion, potatoes by 25 per cent to Rs 5.18 billion, grains by 190 per cent to Rs 1.56 billion, pesticides by 63 per cent to Rs 2.64 billion, cumin by 54 per cent to Rs 2.22 billion and chillies by 71 per cent. 1.24 billion, import of bath soap increased by 53 percent to Rs. 950 million.

Similarly, import of turmeric increased by 139 percent to Rs 440 million. Imports of fapar / kodo increased by 63 per cent to Rs 480 million, imports of okhar increased by 55 per cent to Rs 520 million, almonds increased by 49 per cent to Rs 520 million, food supplements increased by 95 per cent to Rs 320 million, lemons increased by 39 per cent to Rs 580 million, cashew nuts increased by 23 per cent to Rs 840 million Imports of dried garlic increased by 36 percent to Rs 600 million, dried garlic by 62 percent to Rs 400 million, shampoo by 24 percent to Rs 700 million and sweetmeat by 19 percent to Rs 700 million.

Similarly, imports of vegetable seeds increased by 28 per cent to Rs 440 million, cotton by 2.5 per cent to Rs 3.98 billion, cloves by 101 per cent to Rs 170 million and tar / tripal by 68 per cent to Rs 220 million.