Five arrested in principal’s murder case

Kathmandu: The Kalaiya District Police Office in Bara conducted a press conference today to provide details about the arrest of five individuals connected to the murder of Rupesh Saraf, also known as ‘Guddu,’ the principal of Bal Ekta Boarding School in Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan City-6.

The arrested individuals are Radha Gupta, Chand Yadav, Abhinav Kumar Singh, Jewel Akhtar, and Riyaj Ansari.

Out of the 10 people detained in the case, those publicly disclosed were directly involved in Saraf’s murder. The underlying motive for the crime is said to be an alleged extramarital relationship between Saraf and Radha Gupta, who was romantically involved with Manoj Gupta.

According to police, Radha Gupta had been in a relationship with Manoj Gupta, a resident of Chaudadanav, Bihar, India, for three years. Subsequently, she became involved with Saraf after joining the staff at Bal Ekta Boarding School.

Manoj Gupta confronted Saraf when he discovered the relationship between Radha and Saraf, urging him to distance himself from her.

Kafle also revealed that attempts at reconciliation had been made between Saraf and Gupta, mediated by school teachers, following their disagreements on two separate occasions.

However, Radha Gupta’s family and her boyfriend, Manoj Gupta, pressured her to resign from her position at Bal Ekta Boarding School seven months ago. Kafle noted that Manoj became enraged and ultimately killed Saraf when he realized that their improper relationship persisted even after Radha left the school.

Kafle additionally disclosed that, two months before the murder, Manoj had tried to harm Saraf when he saw him with Radha at a hotel in Simra. Despite surviving the attack, Rupesh Saraf did not report it to the police or end his illicit relationship with Radha.