First all-electric ride-sharing app ‘eDrive Nepal’ begins operation with 52 electric taxis and scooters

Kathmandu: In a historic move for the country, eDrive Nepal, the ride-sharing app exclusively featuring electric vehicles, has been officially launched by EDrive Nepal Company Pvt Ltd.

The company commenced its electric taxi and scooter services on Thursday, backed by a significant investment of 140 million rupees.

Emphasizing affordability, the eDrive service package includes a new vehicle, accident insurance, OTP, and a GPS system.

The inauguration ceremony, jointly conducted by prominent figures such as House of Representatives Whip Mahesh Bertaula, Bagmati Province Deputy Speaker Apsara Chapagain, and Nepal Electricity Authority Executive Director Kulman Ghising, took place at the National Assembly House.

Celebrating the launch, 52 brand-new electric taxis paraded through Tundikhel, marking the initial deployment of 20 taxis, with plans to expand the fleet by an additional 100.

The company envisions gradually incorporating various electric vehicles into the eDrive initiative.

The company asserts that the eDrive app offers more affordable fares compared to other ride-sharing services, employing a secure OTP system for user verification.

In the accidents during eDrive services, customers will benefit from specified insurance coverage. The incorporation of GPS in eTaxi enhances customer confidence by allowing the company complete control over the vehicles.

In a bid to support eco-friendly practices, eDrive Nepal has established its own fast-charging station, catering to taxis and scooters while parked.